About Us

  • Wellness Center of Plymouth building

The Wellness Center provides Plymouth, Northville, and Canton residents with drug-free alternatives to living pain-free, acquiring optimal health and wellness, and living a life of vitality.  The Wellness Center of Plymouth encompasses Dr. Sisk’s dream of creating a practice that teaches clients that optimal health is attainable and not complicated.  She says, “People are searching for alternative answers for keeping healthy and off medications, and they’re seeking how to holistically live a balanced lifestyle.”

Our 4 Pillars of Service work together to bring the body balance.  When in balance, the body thrives.  Proper spine health, through Chiropractic Care, allows the nervous system, which controls our muscles, our organs, and everything in between, eliminates nerve blockages, allowing body systems to function optimally.  Proper Nutrition feeds the body and keeps things running efficiently.  Laser Therapy heals injury on a molecular level, helping clients get back in the game.  And Massage and related services rid the body of toxins and help muscles regain optimal performance.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your health and wellness goals!