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  • Wellness Center of Plymouth offers pain relief and healing methods to area residents. The Center uses chiropractics, nutrition, exercise and massage to promote patient health and wellness. PRESS RELEASE: Plymouth MI, 08-DECEMBER-2015 – The Wellness Center of Plymouth and Dr. Elizabeth Sisk DC, is pleased to announce that the doctors and therapists at the Center […]

  • An individual’s issues with back pain can stem from a number of different causes. The severity of the problems can vary greatly, which will have a huge impact on how alleviation will need to be best approached. For many situations, a Plymouth chiropractor will be able to use any of a number of non-surgical techniques […]

  • It’s Black Friday and we are celebrating!! Stop in Friday, Nov 27th & Saturday Nov 29th

  • High School (Health) Drama: the debilitating effects of Text Neck Checkout this great article from the American Posture Institute on the effects of constant texting

  • I came across this link and wanted to share it: CDC Issues Flu Vaccine Apology

  • Here’s a very interesting study that reports that U.S. doctors are more reluctant to prescribe painkillers.  As you know, chiropractic care is often an alternative to drugs. U.S. Doctors Cutting Back on Painkiller Prescriptions