The Wellness Center of Plymouth offers a variety of workshops to help you and your family live well.  Check out the descriptions below.  You can view the workshop schedule on our calendar here.

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Here is a list of our class descriptions:

  • Breathing 101: Feeling short of breath or always stressed? Learn the difference between shallow & deep breathing and its important benefits for optimal health.
  • Essential Oils: Learn the benefits of using essential oils to create a healthy, happy home.
  • Foam Rolling: Release & strengthen tight muscles, trigger points and surrounding tissues for pain relief and optimal movement using a foam roller.
  • Optimal Health & Healing: Optimize your health and understanding of the healing process for quick, timely and lasting results.
  • Posture & Spinal Hygiene: Our posture is our body’s foundation and where good health all begins and ends. Learn correct alignment as well as ways to maintain spinal integrity, anti-aging and wellness.
  • Stretching: Stretching protocols for long, flexible muscles and connective tissue to facilitate movement, athletic performance, flexibility and protection from injury.
  • Yoga for Backs: Movement is key to a healthy back. Learn to stretch, activate and strengthen core & pelvic muscles.