The Wellness Center of Plymouth offers a variety of workshops to help you and your family live well.  Check out the descriptions below.  You can view the workshop schedule on our calendar here.

Check out the latest happenings at the Wellness Center of Plymouth:


3rd – Posture Class @ 6pm:How posture affects everyday life and what to do in correcting your posture.
4th – Functional Movement @ 6pm: Exercises that strengthen crossbody patterns; Lessening the chance of injury.
5th – Essential Oils for Women @ 7pm
10th – Clean Up Inside @ 6pm: Know the difference between Organic, Natural, Toxins and proper portion control.
14th – Breathing @ 4pm: Learn how taking regular breathing breaks can save your life
17th – Breathing @ 6pm
18th – Allergy & Sinus @ 6pm
19th – Intro to Essential Oils @ 7pm
21st – Posture Class @ 6pm: Interactive workshop that teaches proper posture and stabilization skills for your body.
25th – Foam Rolling @ 6pm: An exercise class that show how to properly use a foam roller for strengthen core and releasing muscle tension.
26th – Stretching @ 4pm: Going thru stretches that will increase flexibility of your spine; allowing for better motion of daily life.
28th – Allergy & Sinus @ 4pm



Posture & Spinal Hygiene Workshop

  • Mondays: 1st & 15th @ 12 pm | 8th & 22nd @ 4 pm
  • Every Wednesday @ 6 pm

Essential Oils

  • 17th @ 7 pm
  • 31st @ 7 pm


  • Every Friday @ 4 pm

Yoga for Backs:

  • Every Friday @ 11:45 am