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  • Julie J

    I had received a massage from the Wellness Center of Plymouth a year ago and remembered they had chiropractic. I had a lot of pain in my back and neck as well as I had surgery to remove a tumor on my face and that area had been numb. Since beginning my chiropractic care my […]

  • Elissa Y

    For years I struggled with tendinitis in my arm which resulted in pain and numbness. It was so frustrating. Dr. Sisk told me about cold laser therapy and that it would be a great treatment option. I wasn’t sure if anything could help since I had struggled with the problem for so long, but I […]

  • Meghan D

    I first came in because I had many back problems due to sports injuries as well as a recent ankle injury. I would recommend laser therapy to anyone. It helped me so much in a short amount of time.