• Jill J

    I came in to the Wellness Center because of severe back pain with leg pain, tingling, numbness in both legs. I appreciated the fact that the focus was on my overall wellness and not just jumping into treatment. I was sent out to get x-rays; as it turns out I had a very serious injury […]

  • Pamela M

    I came to the Wellness Center of Plymouth because of some old injuries to my pelvis and tail bone along with a new shoulder injury. Since receiving treatment my overall spine health has improved and my pelvis feels more balanced than it has in years. I know that I am well on my way to […]

  • Bruce W.

    My wife suggested that I see Dr. Sisk as she was noticing that I was walking slumped over. I was also having some pain in my neck, shoulder and hip. After about two months of therapy and home exercises, I notice considerable improvements. After nearly four months I still see Dr. Sisk for maintenance. She […]

  • Jessica L

    After 2 days of using the chiropractic pillow my husband noticed that I fell asleep faster and completely stopped snoring. Now he wants one too!!

  • Betty W

    i was very skeptical of chiropractic care but decided to give it a try. after 3 weeks, i have recovered a range of movement that i did not think was possible. i wake up able to stand tall. i can squat and bend with no pain or limitations. you owe it to yourself to try […]

  • Joyce G

    Almost two years ago I had two herniated disks and two pinched nerves leaving the back of my leg and foot completely numb for two months. I was on pain killers, muscle relaxers, injections, anything to help with the pain. Dr. Sisk saved me from having surgery on my back. Her adjustments, the therapists’ massages, […]

  • Shelley S

    I first came to the Wellness Center of Plymouth because I had a major muscle spasm in my back. Since receiving chiropractic care my neck is finally back in alignment after being injured as a child, I am able to rotate my head without it being painful and getting stuck as well as I am […]

  • Wade B

    I came to the Wellness Center of Plymouth because I was experiencing a lot of back pain. I tried massage and supplements but they weren’t taking away the pain. Since beginning chiropractic care I can now function again. I couldn’t even walk when I first started! I got a full night sleep for the first […]

  • Andy R

    This summer I spent 17 weeks at the Michigan State Police Trooper Recruit school. I was dismissed at the end of September due to a neck injury that occurred during training. A disk was protruding between C5-C6, pinching a nerve into my left arm which caused a tremendous amount pain. I already had C6-C7 fused […]

  • Deborah Z

    I heard about the Wellness Center of Plymouth through my husband because of pain in my back, neck and legs. Since receiving chiropractic care my improvements have been amazing! I feel healthy and energetic again. My expectations have been exceeded in a very short amount of time. I can’t believe I waited so long to […]

  • Barbara W

    On April 3 I had major foot and ankle surgery. I was not allowed to put any weight or walk for over 2 months. During that time of immobility, stiffness, pain in joints and back spasms started. No other treatment was sought. Once treatment started no stiffness, no spasm and minor soreness. Everyday activities became […]

  • Julie J

    I had received a massage from the Wellness Center of Plymouth a year ago and remembered they had chiropractic. I had a lot of pain in my back and neck as well as I had surgery to remove a tumor on my face and that area had been numb. Since beginning my chiropractic care my […]