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Nervous executives waiting for interviewAccording to the Hewitt Health Value Initiative, 84% of employees feel stress on the job. Globally 3 out of 5 visits to Doctor’s offices are related to stress. Job stress, according to the American Institute of Stress, costs U.S. businesses more than $300 billion annually. Stress on employees causes:

  • Increased absenteeism causing US companies roughly 36% of their payroll
  • Higher employee turnover
  • Diminished productivity
  • Increased medical expenses

Businesses need to protect their employees in order to protect their bottom line. Helping employees relieve and manage stress will enable them to be more productive and less costly to your company. One easy and cost-effective way to do so is to incorporate a Workplace Wellness Program at your office. The benefit to working with us is we can bring the services to you and your employees at your convenience. Services we offer:

Workplace On-site Massage:

Benefits of On-site Massage:

  • 99% of employees will take part in a chair massage program
  • Providing massage is cheaper and healthier than free coffee and pop for employees
  • Same day results last for weeks
  • Improves employee problem solving abilities
  • Improves critical thinking
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Helps eliminate absenteeism
  • Addresses stress symptoms
  • More effective than rest, massage improves both creative and mathematical problem solving abilities (American Psychological Association)

After implementing a massage program, Boeing Corp. transformed their return-to-work after injury rates from virtually nothing to 90% in only two years (Employee Benefit News).

Workplace Lunch & Learn:

Businessman Making Presentation To Office ColleaguesLet us help you address the most common issues that plague your employees. Our Wellness Team is available for the following:

  • Health Fairs
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Staff Meetings
  • Wellness Programs or Screenings

We can help implement any program into a team or work environment. Employers often use our services for:

  • Staff/Employee Appreciation Days
  • Customer Appreciation Days or Open House
  • Anniversary Business Celebrations
  • Company Wellness Programs
  • Special Events

Choose from one of our popular topics:

  • Posture & Spine Hygiene: How to best show the aging of your spine and develop great posture for your life.
  • Stress Management: How you can remain calm cool and collected while under pressure!
  • Weight Loss:  Starting with a Body Comp Analysis and a system to achieve immediate, successful body reshaping with lasting results
  • Mental Clarity, Mood & Sleep:  How to get a grip on truly feeling better!
  • Natural Immunity:  How to build and keep a healthy immune system naturally! Includes an Antioxidant Score to measure your cellular protection.
  • Back Pain, Headaches, Sinus & Allergy Issues: What they have in common and how to get out of the “fog” of not feeling good!
  • Back Strengthening: Simply Exercise to keep your back strong and healthy to maintain flexibility and avoiding injuries.
  • Yoga Stretches for Backs: Learn yoga poses that can help the body recover from a day of sitting, and how to ensure healthy blood flow, flexibility and recovery.
  • Healthy Living: A blueprint to longevity!
  • The Wholesome Family: Easy action steps to have a well “adjusted” family!
  • Corporate Wellness: How to improve your bottom line with simple healthy minded steps!

Let us know if you are interested in setting up a Lunch & Learn .

Here are other services we offer:

Wellness & Health Fairs | Special Health Concern Topic | Wellness Check Ups | Wellness Care & Programs

Want to create a better work environment and help your employees be healthier & more productive?
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