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Benefits of Infrared Sauna


Where Saunas All Started

Saunas were believed to have been invented in Finland, where the first written description dates back to 1112. They were originally dug into embankments so that they could use the earth to maintain heat. Heat and steam were generated by heating stones and pouring water over them. Eventually, above-ground structures were built, and saunas took off internationally. You can see the usage of saunas as a place of purification across the centuries in many civilizations. Electric Saunas hit the market in 1893 at the World Fair Market in Chicago. John Harvey Kellogg dedicated his life to holistic healing and found that exposed incandescent light bulbs generated profuse sweating (detoxification) when use in an enclosed box. Several international companies perfected this model and in 1979 the first board spectrum infrared sauna became available to the public in the US.

Natural Healing Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas use light to produce heat, which heats up your body instead of the air around you. This allows you to experience a more intense sweat at a lower temperature. It also allows you to stay in the sauna longer, receiving more benefits. Temperatures range from 120 to 140 degrees which causes you to sweat and removes toxins from your body.

The benefits of infrared therapy have been extensively researched for over 40 years. From pain relief to beauty indulgences, feel the power of infrared sauna benefits.

Some benefits are:
  • – Boosts the immune system
  • – Absorbed directly by the body in the form of heat
  • – Form of exercise for people with physical constraints, age, etc.
  • – Easier to breathe than in steam or conventional sauna
  • – Relieves tension, relaxes muscles
  • – Burns Calories while you relax
  • – Works your cardiovascular system
  • – Hospitals have been using infrared heat for decades to keep newborns warm
  • – Enhances antiviral action
  • – Stimulates Immune System

We offer infrared sauna single session and package pricing. Check out our Massage Pricing page for more information.

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