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Come in for a Tune-Up :: Plymouth Today Article

Natural Pain Relief

Come in for a Tune-Up

Feel better, de-stress and get back into action!

As we slowly pass through this pandemic experience, our community has certainly bonded together as we have faced challenges at all levels. Our personal lives, relationships, careers and life experiences all look and feel dramatically different.

Never has a healthy body, mind and spirit been so important._As a holistic health professional and Doctor of Chiropractic, I have never seen a time that exemplifies how much our bodies are affected by chemical, emotional and physical stress._To cite one recent finding, the average adult has gained 15 lbs. and experienced epidemic stress during this quarantine period due to not moving and_working from home in totally deficient settings.

This increased weight gain enhances inflammation throughout the body, making it difficult for many to get active._This has proven to greatly increase pain and stress and disrupt sleep. Solutions must be found in order for us to return to our new style of living!

We have restructured our Wellness Center to greater meet these needs by offering a wider range of services, including more stress-management tools, rehab, and stretching sessions. We have been using our cutting-edge therapies, which are not invasive or painful but quite relaxing to experience and extremely therapeutic._

Our therapies_range from light, sound, heat therapies, spinal treatments, massage, muscle release and stretching sessions._In many instances, our clients leave feeling exceptionally better and relieved of pain and discomfort within only a few visits to the center.

We are now offering complimentary consultations and reduced fees to assist us all, as a community, to get back into action and make a difference!

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