Low back pain can drastically affect your quality of life and is the number one cause of work-related disabilities. Typically, people turn to using opioids or becoming less active in order to relieve pain. In a recent study, 34.5% of people who use orthotics saw a reduction in their lower back pain.

We understand the critical nature of maintaining an active lifestyle, and we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve this through our custom orthotics. Our premier product, the InMotion® line, stands out as the most popular and doctor-recommended custom orthotic on the market. It is specifically designed to provide added strength and stamina, enhancing your overall performance. Moreover, InMotion® orthotics feature advanced odor and moisture control technologies, ensuring that you stay comfortable, dry, and fresh regardless of your activities. Whether you’re an athlete, a busy professional, or someone dealing with chronic back pain, InMotion® is engineered to support and improve your mobility.

To ensure our custom orthotics are accessible and convenient for everyone, we have streamlined the purchasing process. Our state-of-the-art in-office scanner performs a quick and accurate scan of your feet, allowing us to tailor the orthotics perfectly to your needs. This process takes only a few minutes, after which your personalized orthotics are manufactured and shipped directly to your home.

Moreover, our commitment to your health and comfort extends beyond just providing custom orthotics. We believe in comprehensive care, which is why we offer follow-up appointments to ensure that your orthotics are functioning as intended and making a positive impact on your life. Our team is also available to provide advice on additional ways to manage lower back pain, including exercises and lifestyle modifications that can enhance the effectiveness of your orthotics.

Don’t let lower back pain dictate the quality of your life. Take control with custom orthotics and experience a significant improvement in your daily activities and overall well-being. Schedule your appointment today and discover the difference our InMotion® orthotics can make. Let us help you stay active, productive, and pain-free.

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Don’t sacrifice your quality of life; our custom orthotics from Foot Levers help you remain active and productive. Their InMotion® line is the #1 most popular and doctor recommended custom orthotic. Get added strength and stamina for improved performance, plus strong odor and moisture control to keep you feeling your best. InMotion® helps you excel, no matter where the day takes you.

We make purchasing custom orthotics as convenient as possible. Our in-office scanner takes just a few minutes to scan and prepare your order and your orthotics will be sent directly to you home. Take the next step and schedule your appointment today.

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