Dr. Elizabeth Sisk, the Director of the Wellness Center of Plymouth, has been serving the area as Plymouth’s leading chiropractor for over 20 years. Starting at the age of 12, she was raised in a holistic medicine setting and has always had a passion to help people. This led her to go to nursing school, but throughout her time there she realized she wanted to focus on the wellness side of health and medicine. She eventually switched to chiropractic college, and as they say…the rest is history!

A Plymouth Chiropractor Focusing on the Whole Body

Over the years Dr. Sisk has developed a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Her advanced training in rehabilitation and wellness has led her to build the Wellness Center as the go-to place for chiropractic care in Plymouth, MI. It is here that she has created a modern environment with a wellness approach where people can not only heal by also regain their health to lead active lives. Her experience has taught her to not to focus on the symptoms but to find the root cause of pain and discomfort. Her mission is to help people live better, healthier, more active lives.

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Chiropractic Adjustment from the Wellness Center of Plymouth

Not Just Another Chiropractor

Over the years, Dr. Sisk has strived to create an affordable, state-of-the-art facility that helps people claim health and reclaim life and vitality by eliminating pain, disease, and stress. She knew from the beginning that her wellness center needed to be more than just a chiropractic clinic and that it needed to be able to focus on the body as a whole. This is why you will see a wide range of services, Laser Therapy and PEMF, Brain Tapping, and Nero Rehab (ARP) using the latest technology.

Changing Lives with Chiropractic Care

With over 20 years as a chiropractor, she has been able to help thousands of people live healthier, pain-free lives. Check out the testimonials of a few people she’s helped:

“Words cannot express my gratitude for the many issues that I had that they have fixed: herniated disc in my neck-bulging disc in my low back- rotated meniscus- rotator cuff issues-sprained ankles-chronic pain I had all of these issues in my 40’s and 50’s.”

– Larry

“Dr. Sisk takes the time to fully evaluate my symptoms and difficulties. She offers effective and individualized treatment plans. Although I usually see Dr. Sisk, Dr. Anderson is also thorough and a great doctor to work with. Matt, one of the massage & physical therapists is knowledgeable and friendly too. His muscle release sessions are the best! Brandy, Amanda, and Katie at the front desk are equally as informed and friendly. I always feel respected and supported by all of the staff at The Wellness Center of Plymouth. The space is clean & tidy. And there are several supportive therapies and treatment options available in addition to the chiropractic adjustment. I highly recommend coming here!”

– Samantha

“I have been going to Wellness Center for several years now. I had been to other chiropractors and never really understood what my issues were. Dr. Sisk took the time to have me get x-rays of my WHOLE spine to diagnose my severe neck pain. Come to find out my spine was shaped like an S and had some decent alignment issues in both my upper and lower back. No wonder it hurt to wash the dishes! After months of adjustments and home contouring/exercises, my pain levels dropped almost 100%. I still have a flare-up every now again due to whatever activity I was doing (picking up 50lb beehive supers for example) but as long as I keep up with regular adjustments with Dr. Sisk and her team I recover very quickly. The massage therapists are also helpful with reducing my muscle pain. One other thing I love about this place is their education on overall wellness. I have learned much about the importance of stretching, nutrition, and stress management. I have recommended this office to several friends and will continue to do so. Very professional office and all the staff are just awesome people.”

– Michelle