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How Custom Foot Orthotics Can Help You

Custom foot orthotics are a simple, non-surgical method of treatment for many kinds of foot-related conditions and injuries. This guide covers what custom orthotics are, what the benefits are, how they treat different conditions, and who benefits from them. Read on to learn more.

What are Custom Foot Orthotics?

Custom foot orthotics are shoe inserts that are custom-made for the individual. They can be firm or flexible and are used to treat a variety of issues. They can help with foot pain, back pain, knee pain, and hip pain. Custom orthotics can change the way a person walks or stands, and even changes the body handles shock absorption.

Benefits of Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics provide several benefits. The following are just some of the benefits of using custom foot orthotics.

  • Offers comfort when on your feet for long periods
  • Offers pain relief for multiple conditions
  • Gives support while not being noticeable
  • Helps prevent injuries like sprains and torn ligaments
  • Protects joint from shock while running or jumping

Types of Orthotics

There are 3 main types of custom foot orthotics. The following is a guide on the available different types, what they are used for, and what they are made of.

Functional Custom Orthotics

Functional custom orthotics are made from firmer materials like hard plastic, carbon fiber, or graphite. They usually treat issues by holding the leg and foot in a neutral position. This type of custom orthotics are often prescribed when pain or discomfort is caused by how the feet and body move.

Accommodative Custom Orthotics

This type of custom orthotics is made from flexible materials, like foam, rubber, or cork. Accommodative orthotics work by cushioning and redistributing the weight. These kinds of orthotics are usually used to treat conditions like hammertoe, bunions, or to help with foot issues related to diabetes.

Semi-Rigid Custom Orthotics

Semi-rigid custom orthotics are made of soft materials and then reinforced with stronger materials. They make the foot more balanced for walking or sports. This type of orthotics is commonly used to treat flatfoot and in-toeing or out-toeing in children.

When Do You Need Custom Foot Orthotics?

When do you need to schedule an appointment to get custom foot orthotics? If you have recently had knee, lower back, or foot surgery, custom orthotics can provide a lot of pain relief. Orthotics may be the best treatment for you if you experience foot pain, or if you have foot-related problems from diabetes.

Also, those who stand for long periods, or those who are overweight, would likely benefit from using custom foot orthotics. Athletes that put a lot of stress on their bodies would benefit from custom orthotics. When playing sports, slight imbalances and stress on the body can put you at higher risk for injury.

Custom Foot Orthotics Services

Custom foot orthotics can help treat a variety of conditions, and injuries, and prevent pain and stress on your body. If you need relief from foot pain or discomfort, custom orthotics could be a great, non-surgical solution.

Here at the Wellness Center of Plymouth, our custom-fit foot orthotics will help reduce pain and keep you healthy and active.  Getting custom orthotics is fast and easy with our in-office foot scanner.


Contact us today for more information on custom foot orthotics, or schedule an appointment.

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