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Our Wellness Center’s 4 Phases of Care for Pain Relief

Many people use chiropractic care for pain relief and stop care once they feel better. Our goal at the Wellness Center of Plymouth is to help our patients maintain optimal health, therefore our treatment plans are more than just pain relief. While each treatment plan is specifically tailored to each patients’ individual needs, all plans follow the same four phases of care.


Phase 1: Relief

Our immediate goal is to relieve as much of the initial pain as possible, as quickly as we can. Depending on the issue and the severity you may need multiple appointments per week for the first few weeks. It’s during this phase we work on identifying the root cause of the pain and inflammation. You’ll be given therapies and stretches to do at home to help give you the more lasting effects of your adjustments.

Phase 2: Corrective

During this phase you should feel less pain and inflammation as we continue the process of correcting the root problem. We focus on increasing function and mobility and being muscle reeducation. We give you home exercises to help give your body more flexibility.

Most people see a lot of improvement after this phase; for many people their pain has significantly decreased, and they are able to move easier. This tricks them into thinking they don’t need to continue their treatment plan. But it is easy to reinjure the affected area, therefore we always encourage our patients to continue their treatment plan and see the difference once they are done!

Phase 3: Strengthening

We make steps to help strengthen the muscles and ligaments to stabilize the affected area. During this phase you will be given more strength building exercises as well as we may add more chiropractic therapies. We want to continue to increase your strength and mobility as well as slow any degeneration of the spine.

Phase 4: Wellness

During the final phase we focus on maintaining the results that we’ve achieved and helping your live an active lifestyle. Your treatment plan goes down to maintenance where many patients come in once or twice a month, just to make sure they stay on track.


We operate with the four phases of care structure so that way our patients don’t end up at phase one again. Once we reach the final phase, regular chiropractic care can be preventative, allowing your to live a healthier, more active life. Take the next step in your wellness journey and schedule your $49 health assessment; there we can learn about your health goals and how we can help you reach them.

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