Massage Therapy in Plymouth, MI

Are you experiencing pain, muscle tightness or stiffness, stress, or joint discomfort? Massage therapy is an excellent method for helping to soothe sore muscles and relaxing your body. Our massage therapists are fully licensed and experienced in providing therapeutic and deep tissue massages. As a client you will receive a wide range of benefits by coming to the Wellness Center of Plymouth:

  • Customized Sessions: We want to make sure that we are meeting your individual needs, therefore, before we begin, we will discuss any specific areas you would like us to target. We also offer a wide range of Massage Enhancements (link to section) that can be added to your session for a truly custom experience.
  • Wide Variety of Techniques: our therapists are trained in a wide range of techniques to help ease pain and tension in any area: deep tissue, therapeutic, sports, sinus allergy & headache relief, calf and foot, and more!
  • Full 60 Minute Massage: unlike other places where your massage times includes your undressing and dressing time, our massages are a full 60 minutes.

Massage is About More Than Just Relaxation!

Years of research show that massage can do more than just provide relaxation. It can have a profound effect on your health. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of doctors who are incorporating it into a care/treatment plan. Massages can do everything from boost immunity, improve digestion, speed up healing, reduce anxiety and depression, and more! Read our Why Regular Massages Improves Your Health blog to learn more.

Massage Enhancements & Add-ons

For an additional cost, we offer a wide range of enhancements and add-ons that you can use to customize your massage session:

  • Essential Oils and Therapeutic Creams – we offer a selection of oils and creams that you can use to further soothe muscles, enhance relaxation, and/or energize and revitalize.
  • Hot/Warming Stones to promote deep relaxation.
  • Detoxing Services – infrared sauna and ionic foot bath.
  • Sugar Scrubs – hydrate and exfoliate.

Check out our Massage Pricing page for more information and pricing on our massage enhancements and add-ons.

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Satisfied Massage Clients

“I’ve been going to this place for awhile and getting massages for years. And I can confidently say this place is fantastic!

The staff is super friendly and they aren’t pushy like some other places can be. They don’t push up-sells at you (though I HIGHLY recommend the sugar foot scrub with a massage, it’s amazing!). I cannot stress enough how fantastic the massages offered here are. I haven’t had a bad massage here yet.

I’ve never been to the chiropractic part of the Wellness Center however sometimes my masseuse will give me some tips on how to better my posture and they really help.

If your looking for a place to go to have regular massages, or even just one to treat yourself every so often, I highly recommend the Wellness Center of Plymouth. They’re not pushy, there’s no contract, and the service is great!”

– Jenny S

“I’ve been getting professional massages for over 10 years all over the US and even in different countries, and I keep coming back to this place.

Every bit of service is pleasant. The staff always seems like they’re in a good mood and are very kind and enthusiastic which just adds to the experience. Never had anything less than an amazing massage here. Each masseuse seems to have their own special and unique technique so I would suggest trying someone new every so often.

Ambience here is also amazing. You walk in there and you feel like you’re in a relaxing environment. I don’t think I could recommend another place more.

Definitely ask for Dawn. Best masseuse I’ve had in awhile! Massages like an absolute goddess.”

– Johnny