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6 Safe Ways To Detox Naturally

Natural Detox

If you’re thinking about detoxing, you probably have a specific reason in mind to do so. Whether you want to adjust your eating habits or simply want to start living a healthier lifestyle, detoxing can help you recharge and reboot.


Detoxification is a necessary function for healthy living and has been, until recently, thought to be the realm of alternative medicine. Our bodies are designed to detox naturally, but sometimes other environmental factors (both internally and externally), require that we, ourselves, give our natural detoxification process a push to get started.


6 Safe Ways To Detox Naturally

If you are looking for ways to detox your body naturally, consider trying some, or all, of these suggestions:


#1 Limit Your Alcohol

When you drink too much alcohol, it can severely damage your liver, as studies have shown. This type of drinking can reduce your liver’s function, therefore causing inflammation and fat buildup. Keeping your alcohol intake to a minimum (or abstaining from it completely) will help keep your body’s natural detoxification process working at an optimal level.


#2 Focus on Nutrition

  • Reduce Your Intake of Sugar and Processed Foods

Research suggests that when you eat processed foods that contain a lot of sugar, you are putting your body at risk by hindering its natural ability to detoxify due to the damaged organs these diseases affect. This is why we recommend limiting these types of food in your daily diet.


  • Limit Salt in Your Diet

The next time you reach for that salt shaker, think about the effects of having too much salt in your diet. When you consume too much salt, you are requiring your body to retain excess fluids, and as detrimental as that can be, if you aren’t drinking enough water, that is especially bad for your body. While it may sound counterintuitive, increasing your water intake is one of the best ways to eliminate excess water weight from consuming too much salt. So the next time someone asks you to pass the salt, skip yourself and pass to the left.


  • Add in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are a great way to help when it comes to detoxifying your body naturally. One of the biggest things that antioxidants do is to offset free radical damage, which is caused by highly unstable molecules that are naturally formed when your body functions. If you’re unsure about how to obtain antioxidants, many fruits and vegetables are chock-full of them.


  • Choose Fiber & Probiotics

Whole foods packed with nutrients are your best bet when it comes to keeping your body clean internally. Fiber-rich foods like fruit, veggies, and beans, as well as nuts, seeds, whole grains, lean protein, and probiotics can aid gut and liver function so that any unwanted toxins get out of your system as soon as possible.


#3 Drink More Water

Water is not only good for you, it’s vital in order for your body and organs to function properly. Water offers so many benefits, including: regulating your body temperature, lubricating joints, aiding in digestion and nutrient absorption, and detoxifying your body by removing waste products. 


#4 Be Active

Being active is key in order to give your body the full benefit of a proper detox. Being active on a regular basis is key, as studies show that it has been associated with a reduced risk of many conditions and diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, and some cancers. Additionally, exercise has been shown to improve your overall mental health.


#5 Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that stress can take energy away from vital processes like hormone production and immune function when your body is in high-stress mode. Additionally, high stress can cause disruptions in your digestive system as well. Try your best to keep your stress levels to a minimum. Meditation and yoga are good options to help you relax and reduce your stress.


#6 Get Plenty of Sleep

Ensuring adequate sleep each night is imperative in order to ensure a healthy mind and body balance. If you didn’t know already, adequate sleeping allows your brain to recharge itself, while helping your body detoxify itself naturally.


Keep in Mind

When determining whether or not you should begin any type of body detox, it is important to consult with a licensed medical professional before trying anything on your own. Although it only takes a few simple fixes to begin healing your body internally, it is strongly recommended you consult a professional beforehand.


How the Wellness Center can help you Detoxify

By now, you should know that detoxification not only removes harmful poisons, improves the immune system, and combats infection, it is a healthy and natural way to cleanse the body. At The Wellness Center of Plymouth, we provide several detox options that were designed to realign your body to its natural state: an infrared sauna and a detox foot bath. These may be purchased as stand-alone treatments or as an add-on to a massage.


In addition, we can partner with you to achieve balanced nutrition and healthy weight, which are cornerstones of living a healthy lifestyle. Our Director, Dr. Elizabeth Sisk, has a background in wellness and nutrition and will work one-on-one with you to help achieve the results you want. Give us a call at 734-454-5600 and set up your appointment today!

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