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Why Detoxing Your Body is Beneficial

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Detoxification is a necessary function for healthy living and has been, until recently, thought to be the realm of alternative medicine. While there are those who view detox as some kind of voodoo or superstition, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Detoxification refers to biological processes that take place inside of us, all of the time in order to remove waste. The body is designed to do this with extraordinary efficiency, but when we become overwhelmed by the toxins in our environment, detoxification becomes increasingly important.

1. Detoxing can help reduce cravings. Detoxing your body is beneficial for everyone, whether they’re interested in cleansing or not. It can actually help you feel better than ever before and overtime you can:

  • Reduce cravings for sugar and simple carbohydrates
  • Cleanse your body from harmful chemicals build-up
  • Support liver function
  • Aid in boosting your mood due to increased energy levels

2. Detox options are powerful tools that support a healthy lifestyle In addition to detox products and programs, detoxing is also a great tool for staying healthy.

  • Helps your body to fight off sickness and bad bacteria
  • Increases energy and fights fatigue
  • Provides relief from aches and pains in the body: headaches, muscle pain, low back pain etc.
  • Promotes weight loss through increased metabolism due to cleansing of the digestive system; this means more calories burned through digestion (energy production), less introduced sugars (weight gain), and overall better overall health.

3. Detoxing benefits your gut. It can be a little scary to some people, but when done responsibly it can lead to a healthier lifestyle… one that helps you feel better inside and out. It is important to have a healthy diet and we suggest making these changes:

  • Eat organic when possible
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners and chemicals in cleaners, solvents etc.
  • Drink reasonable amounts of clean water each day
  • Cut back on processed foods

How the Wellness Center can help you Detoxify

Detoxification removes harmful poisons, improves the immune system, and combats infection by cleansing the blood. We provide two detox programs to realign your body to its natural state. These may be purchased as stand-alone treatments or as an add-on to a massage.

1. Infrared Sauna – Infrared saunas heat your body, not the air around you, with infrared radiation. This allows you to sweat at a lower temperature while still getting all of the benefits. Temperatures in infrared saunas range from 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, causing you to perspire and eliminating toxins from your system. Learn more about the benefits of our infrared sauna on our blog, Benefits of Infrared Sauna.

2. Detox Foot Bath – Charged ions function as a magnet and pull poisons and metals from your body via the pores of your feet. Relax in a full-body massage chair while enjoying an Ionic Detox Footbath.

In addition, we can partner with you to achieve balanced nutrition and healthy weight, which are cornerstones of living a healthy lifestyle. Our Director, Dr. Elizabeth Sisk, has a background in wellness and nutrition and will work one-on-one with you the help achieve the results you want. Give us a call at 734-454-5600 and set up your appointment today!

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